CDR Presentation

Suit Up!

Today was the nerve wracking CDR presentation; the last milestone before we move on to full scale testing. Waiting to hear NASA's feedback (whether positive or negative), was really making me anxious. Our group gathered early, jotted some last minute notes, and warmed up.


We knocking out of the park; all of are speakers were on point today. We hit all of our points, and completed the presentation in EXCATLY 30 minutes. NASA had excellent feedback, with several constructive remarks that we will hold close going forward. Hearing positive feedback from NASA engineers (who are working in a program many of us dream of being a part of one day!) was beyond rewarding. There are several points throughout this competition that leave me frustrated, angry, and even wondering, "Will this ever work?" When we get feeback like this, it really re-lights the fire inside of us all.

Huntsville is looming nearer and nearer; the excitment and anxiety is starting to build. While we have come so far, we have further to go. The next couple months are inevitably going to be filled with many mental trials, deadline pushes, and, hopefully, successes. Can you say emotional rollercoaster? The thing is, I know my team is ready, and so am I.