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Subscale Launch
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The group headed down to Elizabethtown yesterday to further test our sub-scale and Parachute Control System. Our sub-scale has taken a beating; we have put it through 5 flights so far, and a couple of them have been rough. Overall, it has proven to be an excellent testing platform. While it isn't easy to fit payloads, originally designed for a 6" diameter, into a 3" airframe, it pays off when we only have to spend $30.00 - $60.00 per motor, instead of triple that for a full scale motor. We somehow manage to make everything fit....

Today's results were reassuring; our rocket had another perfect ascent, and during the descent phase, our microcontroller coding performed as expected. We had some tangling with our parachute, but that is on the docket to be fixed within a week. We had a couple cameras filming during the launch, one of which was looking directly up at the parachute to monitor it during the disreefing phase. The video we got is posted on our YouTube page, or can be found by clicking .

All in all, we are making good progress. Our full scale will be complete and ready to fly in 1-2 weeks, and we have workied out many of the kinks in our systems through our subscale testing platform. Personally, I am ready for Huntsville. I can't wait to see the projects other teams have been working on, and launch ours on AprilĀ 20th. Hope to see you there.

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