The Team

Image Name Major Position Bio
Andrew CECS Electronics Team

Andrew is a second year student in the Computer Science and Engineering department of the J.B. Speed School of Engineering at the University of Louisville.  A new addition to the team, Andrew works with the Electrical Engineering section of the team. In his spare time, he tinkers with high voltage systems and plays video games with his friends back home.

Austin IE Photographer

Coupling a passion for engineering and a love for photography, Austin is pursuing a Bachelor’s of Science in Industrial Engineering as well as working as the Online Photo Editor for the Louisville Cardinal. As a member of the University of Louisville USLI team, he will use both his experience in photography and knowledge of engineering to assist the team in capturing pictures wherever needed, including onboard the rocket.

Benjamin ME Mechanical Team

Benjamin is an individual who loves to explore and learn about new things.  He joined the team from an interest in military hardware including missiles and jets such as the Sukhoi Su-47 Berkut.  He enjoys fiction books, story development, video games and an array of sports and activities including: golf, tennis, and martial arts.  Benjamin is a sophomore, and looking forward to his first co-op in the spring of 2013.

Carlos ME, ECE Mechanical Team

Carlos is a foreign student from Mexico. He is currently in his 3rd year at the University of Louisville studying Mechanical Engineering along with Electrical Engineering. He is interested in a career with mechatronic systems. Besides working on the rocket, Carlos plans to build a quad copter later this year once he gains more experience working with an Arduino microcontroller.

Conor CECS Webmaster

Conor joined the USLI team shortly after watching STS135 launch from KSC in 2011. In the 2011-2012 competition, Conor was a part of the payload electronics team and designed the base station software that received and manipulated data received from the rocket in flight. He also created and maintained the team's website that won the “Best Website Award” in 2012. Conor is a Louisville native, and has a degree in Computer Engineering and Computer Science.

Daniel ME Mechanical Team

Daniel is a 3rd year PhD candidate who specializes in microfabrication and renewable energy concepts.  His doctoral dissertation is on bi-stable buckled structures for vibrational energy harvesting.  Daniel has completed three undergraduate and four graduate co-ops at Sandia National Labs in New. Hobbies include electronic circuit construction in the areas of data acquisition, DC-DC converters, and super capacitor power supplies.  Additional, he has an interest in RC aerial systems and is the Mechanical Engineering Departments Graduate Student Council Representative.

Dhwani CECS Electronics Team

Dhwani is a junior student at the J.B. Speed school of Engineering majoring in Computer Engineering and Computer Science. He currently is contributing as a member on the electrical engineering team, helping with the back end programming tasks. Dhwani is the current webmaster for the Indian Student Association. He has also served as the Minister of External Affairs and Speed School Student Council representative for Association of Computing Machinery.

Emily ME Mechanical Team

Emily is currently a second year Mechanical Engineering student at the University of Louisville’s J.B. Speed School of Engineering.  She has expressed an interest in aeronautics from a young age and decided to pursue this interest by joining the team.  She is currently searching for a co-op position with hopes of working with a company in the aerospace industry.   Emily is also heavily involved with the University’s Catholic Campus Ministry.  She is an active member of their leadership team and participates in community service projects with the organization.

Kara IE Safety Officer, Edu. Team Leader

Kara is a 4th year Industrial Engineering student with a passion for space and rocketry. She will be returning to the team as Safety Officer and Educational Engagement team leader. In October 2011, Kara received her Level 1 Certification from the National Association of Rocketry with an Arcas model rocket kit. In the summer of 2012, Kara was a Summer International Instructor at Space Camp Turkey in the province of Izmir, Turkey. She taught hundreds of young students from countries all across Europe, Asia, and North America about space and science.

Kyle A ME Mechanical Team

Having a background in tool machining as well as being a Senior Mechanical Engineering student, Kyle joined USLI hoping for a chance to let his talents add to the team dynamic. With a passion for mechanical design and his experience in the machine shop, he plans to add a level of flexibility and ownership to each and every component of this year’s rocket. After college, Kyle hopes to follow a career path geared toward tooling design and manufacture.

Kyle H ME Recovery Team Leader

A 2nd year Mechanical Engineering Ph.D candidate, Kyle has continued his role as the Recovery Leader for the USLI team in developing a continuous disreefing system to precisely control descent velocities for high-power rockets. Last year, he reincarnated a single keel parawing (gliding wing) design into an autonomous recovery system that guided the rocket back to its launch location. He originally joined the USLI team from his love of all things that fly. Kyle has spent the past 4 years studying in the field of computational fluid dynamics, and genetic algorithms. Kyle has worked on NASA and Air Force research projects to better understand the aerodynamic phenomena involved with insect and bird flight. Kyle plans on pursuing a career in deceleration systems and/or continuing his research into the mechanics of natural flight in academia.

Nathan ECE, CECS Electronics Team Leader

Nathan is a graduate student with a passion for prototyping. He currently holds a B.S. in Electrical Engineering and is currently pursuing a B.S. in Computer Engineering and Computer Science and an M. Eng. in Electrical Engineering at the J.B Speed School of Engineering. Nathan offers a wide range of hands on experience across electrical and software engineering and fabrication. Prototyped devices and systems include a SCADA security device for legacy control systems, an automated solid ballast system for a transatlantic weather balloon, a hobby rocket engine test stand, and a walkable path mapping mobile app. Nathan is a highly active member of LVL1, Louisville’s hackerspace, where he weekly hosts a rocketry special interest group.

Nick ME Team Captain

After successfully leading the University’s USLI team to a 5th place overall finish and title of “Best Rookie Team” in the 2011-2012 competition, Nick will be returning to lead the team again during the 2012-2013 competition. He has been active with rocketry for several years and has built and developed many of his own custom designs. Within the past year he has obtained both Level 1 and 2 Certifications with his scratch built kit, the Greco VII; he also has plans to go for his Level 3 certification. Nick plans on working in the aerospace field developing missile and weapon technologies upon graduating from UofL in 2013 with his Masters of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering.

Troy ECE Electronics Team

Troy Kremer is a second year student in the Electrical Engineering school at the University of Louisville.  A new addition to the team he’s hoping to do whatever he can to help out.  This year he will be working mostly with the sensors in the SMD payload to make sure the team knows everything going on when the rocket is launched.  He’s originally from Fort Thomas in Northern Kentucky, and even though he misses his home town, he loves Louisville just the same.

Zack ME Mechanical Team

Zack is from Versailles, Kentucky and is currently in his third year at the University of Louisville J.B. Speed School of Engineering.  He has always been interested in rockets and space.  In high school, he was selected to the Support Team on the Kentucky Satellite Project (KySat).  In working on this in high school he came looking to continue his passion for aerospace at UofL. Zack is also a brother of Triangle Fraternity, a nationwide social fraternity of Engineers, Architects, and Scientists.